Employee of the Quarter – Recognizes Caroline “Carrie” Powers

Each quarter, Knight Federal’s Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) award for the Suffolk, VA location recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees towards Knight Federal’s goals and mission. Knight Federal recognizes that driven and loyal employees empower an organization.  This quarter the award recipient is Caroline “Carrie” Powers.

Carrie is one of four individuals that will receive the award each year. The honor is awarded the beginning of April, July, October and December during the Christmas party for an outstanding employee from the three preceding months.

EOQ 2019 Winner:

January – March 2019 – Carrie Powers
Carrie was recognized for her exceptional efforts for the First Quarter – January through March 2019. As the only Tactical Communications Support Processors (TCSP) operator on staff, her technical expertise and dedication were critical with respect to ensuring that the TCSPs were configured, tested and ready to support testing and 24/7 operational readiness. She accomplished this despite a lack of formal training with no impact on connectivity to training audience “Intel” C2 systems during exercises and testing. Additionally, for Austere Challenge 19, she took on the additional effort to train two TB1 SYSADs on the basic operations of the TCSPs, so that they could make immediate, limited, restoral actions if the circuits went down when Carrie was off shift. Her exceptional performance during this period is in keeping with the highest standards of the Joint Staff as a whole and is a credit to Knight Federal Solutions and the Joint Staff J7 Tech Support Team.

The Employee of the Quarter will receive:

  • A gift card for $50
  • A framed certificate recognizing their accomplishments
  • A Knight Federal imprinted leather notebook

Nominate an Employee
Complete the EOQ Nomination Form and submit it to the program manager Murray Hess.  Anyone may nominate an employee. Nomination forms may be submitted at any time.

Nominations are due by the tenth day of the month preceding the award month (i.e., February, May, August, and November) or the next working day if the tenth falls on a weekend or System Offices holiday.

The Process
The EOQ Committee will meet on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The committee will assure that the nominee meets all of the basic requirements. The committee will consider the following contributing qualities when making the award selection:

  • Longevity and performance
  • Contributions to the Knight Federal community
  • Contributions to his or her office
  • Contributions to the outside community
  • Awards or recognition received