Intern Spotlight

Intern SpotlightColin “Wes” Sprouse graduated from the Purple Knight Initiative in support of the Joint Staff J7 support team and learning as much as possible through the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO), as well as the JCT contract.  Sprouse has distinguished himself a subject matter expert for the United States Marine Corps CounterIntel activities and MSEL development. He has proven to be an avid learner and easily trainable.

Sprouse is an accomplished Intelligence professional with a background in collections, analysis and managing intelligence operations.   He has developed decades of research and analytical skills in order to help others recognize, understand and respond to critical events.

“Thank you to all the folks at Knight Federal, Tim Baker, Chris Baeten, Shawn Lopez and especially Mr. Murray Hess for the great opportunity to enter into and benefit from an amazing initiative like the Purple Knight Initiative.  I can’t thank you all enough for what you did for me.  God Bless you all.  What you are doing for servicemen and women vis-à-vis the Purple Knight Initiative is immeasurably vital work and I am eternally grateful to you all,” says Sprouse.

Sprouse has now moved on to a position with Valiant Integrated Services and will continue to represent the team well.  He has demonstrated those qualities that are the best of our wounded warriors and he has set the standard for those going forward.  Fair Winds and Following Seas.

For more information about the Purple Knight Initiative program, please view our page.