Employee of the Quarter – JS J7 Technical Support Team Names O’Relius Powell


Each quarter, Knight Federal’s Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) award for J7 Technical Support Team recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees towards Knight Federal’s goals and mission. Knight Federal recognizes that driven and loyal employees empower an organization. 

For exceptional efforts from October through December 2020, O’Relius Powell has been recognized as the Employee of the Quarter. As the lead for the JTIMS/JLLIS Help Desk, O’Relius addresses issues from a world-wide user community.  Overall, he is responsible for the administration, troubleshooting of JTIMS and JLLIS enterprise operations objective analysis and recommendations to improve performance through strategy process modifications, dissemination of technology improvements, better management practices, and cost drivers.

During this reporting period, our team has had to adapt to the challenges associated with pandemic precautions.  Within the Help Desk Section, O’Relius has been the noticeable star due to his willingness and ability to work on-site every day without Help Desk Administrator relief. He has addressed the great majority of the 1000-plus JTIM and JLLIS Help Desk issues received from the user community, and it should be noted that he has completed each issue in a successful and timely fashion.   Additionally, O’Relius has supported improvements to the Defense readiness Reporting System, Enterprise Management system and JTIMS by providing input to the developers.  He also created a training module for the JTIMS user community. 

O’Relius is the “Shell answer man” for all things JTIMS and JLLIS software.  He is an exceptional individual who has served the JTIMS and JLLIS team extremely well and epitomizes the best qualities of a Knight Federal Solutions Team Member

The Employee of the Quarter will receive:

  • A gift card for $50
  • A framed certificate recognizing their accomplishments
  • A Knight Federal imprinted leather notebook

Nominate an Employee

Complete the EOQ Nomination Form and submit it to the program manager Murray Hess.  Anyone may nominate an employee. Nomination forms may be submitted at any time.   Nominations are due the week before the end of the quarter. 

The Process

The EOQ Committee will meet on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The committee will assure that the nominee meets all of the basic requirements. The committee will consider the following contributing qualities when making the award selection:

  • Longevity and performance
  • Contributions to the Knight Federal community
  • Contributions to his or her office
  • Contributions to the outside community
  • Awards or recognition received