Employee of the Quarter – JS J7 Technical Support Team Names Sean Louisin

Each quarter, Knight Federal’s Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) award for the Suffolk, VA location recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees towards Knight Federal’s goals and mission. Knight Federal recognizes that driven and loyal employees empower an organization.  This fourth quarter the award recipient covers January-March 2020 is Sean Louisin.

Sean is one of four individuals that will receive the award each year. The honor is awarded the beginning of April, July, October and December during the Christmas party for an outstanding employee from the three preceding months.

EOQ 2020 Winner:

January-March – Sean Louisin

Sean ensured a successful data import from the United States Marine Corps Lessons Learned System to Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS).  He completed this by reviewing the latest requirements that were accepted by both stakeholders and determined the ColdFusion (commercial rapid web-application) JLLIS application needed a few updates to the Task Tracker and Consolidated Document Repository (CDR) modules to support the additional Marine Corps Lessons Learned Program (MCCLL) data.   

Sean added a few extra search result fields to the form as well as to the add/edit/view interfaces to support events, event types, and units.  These fields along with a metadata selection tool were added to the search form to allow further refinement. Sean also reviewed the MCCLL to JLLIS database mappings derived from the database schemas and requirements documentation to import all the battle board (task tracker) and structured document (CDR) data into JLLIS via a collection of SQL (relational database management system with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications)scripts. To import the MCCLL unstructured documents, Sean was instrumental in creating a ColdFusion import process to read all the documents/files, match them to the correct CDR record and import them into JLLIS.

At the conclusion of the UAT, the JLLIS Program Manager expressed complete satisfaction with the progress made, and truly much of the credit goes to Sean.  In summary, Sean’s performance was exemplary.  His work was completed accurately, without a template to follow, and on time.  In the hundreds of hours Sean devoted to this effort, he demonstrated unsurpassed understanding of software development and ensured the upcoming JLLIS v4.3 Release remained on-schedule.

The Employee of the Quarter will receive:

  • A gift card for $50
  • A framed certificate recognizing their accomplishments
  • A Knight Federal imprinted leather notebook

Nominate an Employee

Complete the EOQ Nomination Form and submit it to the program manager Murray Hess.  Anyone may nominate an employee. Nomination forms may be submitted at any time.   Nominations are due the week before the end of the quarter. 

The Process

The EOQ Committee will meet on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The committee will assure that the nominee meets all of the basic requirements. The committee will consider the following contributing qualities when making the award selection:

  • Longevity and performance
  • Contributions to the Knight Federal community
  • Contributions to his or her office
  • Contributions to the outside community
  • Awards or recognition received